Heaven above, Earth below

Heaven above, Earth below




Reiki is an ancient, gentle, and powerful healing art. Its applications are infinite as it treats physical, mental, and emotional disease and can do no harm. Utilizing vital energy, called “qi”, reiki balances healthy flow within the body and throughout its energetic fields. This subtle and deep energy clears harmful patterns to relax and heal your entire system.

I personally have had amazing moments as a healer and patient using reiki. This simple, elegant, and deeply healing modality requires no outside physical tools beyond the practitioner’s hands and healing energy transmitted through the Usui reiki lineage. Utilizing practices from Eastern medicine, shamanic tradition, and modern energetic principles my reiki treatments have been effective, often with remarkable results.

Patients may comfortably sit or recline while fully clothed as the practitioner places hands over energy centers. Placement depends on individual needs, with initial treatments generally covering chakras at the crown, third eye, ears, neck/throat, thyroid, heart, lungs, abdomen, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Individuals with sensitivity in areas may opt to skip a region, or ask the practitioner to place their hands at a further and more comfortable distance. That’s right, reiki can travel (quite far in fact– even through time)! Reiki energy is channeled through the healer and out their hands, into the patient’s body.  Each experience is unique. Some patients laugh, cry, doze, twitch, or feel various sensations.

All types of ailments can be addressed and treated with reiki. Healing acute or chronic illness, relieving pain and discomfort, releasing emotional trauma, and promoting overall wellness, reiki energy is an amazing healing experience. One of my first clients in Berkeley commented, “it feels like a massage for my spirit!”  Another individual in Sacramento with back pain untreatable by conventional doctors, has since felt diminished to no pain after one treatment together. And the success stories continue! Personally, I use reiki almost every day to manage back pain or alleviate accumulated stress (turns out healers move a lot of qi). Reiki is good and true healing. The best part is: it can do no harm and may have profound results.

This isn’t your typical visit to the doctor. We’ll pick a comfortable and safe setting for your treatment, indoors or outside. At your appointment dress comfortably and we’ll chat about what’s troubling or would like to be improved, then relax and let reiki do the rest. Patients are often so relaxed they fall asleep, which is great!! Some treatments may be more intense than others, all at your discretion as discussed and intuited. This is Your experience to create and I’ll serve as your guide.

We’ll also discuss ideas about how to maintain your healthy spirit.  Gathering from my studies in both eastern and western medicine, we’ll be able to interpret a complete view of your health. We’ll also cover nutritional tips and simple energetic practices tailored for your personal seasonal and year-round wellness.


For a more tangible and still potent reiki product, I offer a jewelry line, INGOT. Each item is uniquely created with genuine gemstones, including necklaces, bracelets, keychains, earrings, cufflinks, and more. Inventory is always changing and I do my best to keep the etsy and facebook sites stocked with items to purchase. These are personally hand crafted and reiki’d jewelry pieces for women and men. I love making styles for all tastes and enjoy creating your custom orders.


Sharing this energy with you is a huge honor. Since 2008 I’ve enjoyed creating custom reiki sessions for all types of individuals all over the world. Send an email to get started!